Creed, Tonic & Finger Eleven at Daily's Place Amphitheater

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Daily's Place Amphitheater | Jacksonville, Florida


Creed returns to the stage with a tenfold post-grunge vengeance LIVE on a Tuesday night, September 24th, at the Daily’s Place Amphitheater, featuring guest acts Tonic and Finger Eleven! After a long, long wait, the “Summer of ‘99 Tour” ushers in a new dawn of concert madness for our legendary group, who’ll be visiting 40 cities throughout the US and Canada. Tune in to Creed’s GREATEST HITS as they relive and replay the glory days in this forthcoming live music special, brimming with that hard rock electricity you’ve come to crave. Bang it out to the 2001 GRAMMY’s Best Rock Song, “With Arms Wide Open,” on top of the genre staples from their iconic multi-platinum albums (Weathered, Human Clay, and My Own Prison), which include “What’s This Life For,” “Higher,” and “My Sacrifice.” A fire rages on within the heart of our headlining band, and you’re welcome to its heat in Jacksonville’s #1 downtown venue. Buy your tickets today!

Witness a thundering roadshow reunion more than ten years in the making in Live Nation Entertainment’s “Summer of ‘99” cruise! This 2024, Scott Stapp will again embark on one of Creed’s signature concert tours with bandmates Mark Tremonti, Scott “Flip” Phillips, and Brian Marshall, hitting forty North American cities during their season-long outing. Come join the hard rock revelry on September 24th as the quartet lays down the hammer at Daily’s Place Amphitheater with special guests Tonic and Finger Eleven!

“Nonstop, relentlessly powerful, and sincere, Stapp’s singing is purely phenomenal. Equally, Tremonti’s guitar vibrations are simply extraordinary, as is Scott Phillips’ fantastic drumming. What a band. I doubt we’ll ever see (or hear) anyone quite like them for a LONG time.”

During the turn of the 21st century, this four-man band kicked off a new post-grunge era with a best-selling series of albums — My Own Prison (6x Platinum), Human Clay (11x Platinum), and Weathered (6x Platinum) — that dominated the weekly Billboard 200 charts. Now, they’re about to unleash the full power behind these modern masterworks.

“The Summer of ‘99 Tour” will be a no-holds-barred celebration of Creed’s genre-defining chapter in the history of hard rock, set against a live soundtrack of their worldwide smash hits! Compelled by frontman Scott Stapp’s rousing voice, you and your fellow fans will be invited to join in on belting out Double-A and Mainstream Rock chart-toppers, which include the 43rd Annual GRAMMY’s Best Rock Song “With Arms Wide Open” and fan-favorite singles “What’s This Life For,” “One,” “Higher,” “My Sacrifice,” and “One Last Breath.” As a two-time winner of the American Music Award for Favorite Alternative Artist, Creed promises a new millennium rock that couldn’t be stopped then as it couldn’t be stopped now.

Renowned around the globe for their GRAMMY-nominated song “Take Me As I Am” and the #1 Mainstream Rock hit “If You Could Only See,” alt-rock trio Tonic takes to the stage for an exhilarating opener of poignant post-grunge goodness. Following them with funky hard rock vibes is Finger Eleven, the Juno Award-winning group behind the Canadian Rock #1 single “Paralyzer” and the Platinum-certified disco-rock Them vs. You vs. Me LP.

World-class concert facilities meet maximum open-air comfort at the Daily’s Place Amphitheater of Downtown Jacksonville, Florida, where Creed and their crew of guest artists will be parking the “Summer of ‘99 Tour” on Tuesday, September 24th. Be blown out of your mind by our venue’s thrilling atmosphere, and indulge in its exquisite acoustics in one of this year’s most anticipated rock shows. Get your tickets now before we run out!

Creed at Daily's Place Amphitheater

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