Lamb Of God & Mastodon at Daily's Place Amphitheater

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Daily's Place Amphitheater | Jacksonville, Florida

Lamb Of God & Mastodon

On Tuesday, the 23rd of July, unleash heavy metal mayhem with Lamb of God and Mastodon in Jacksonville, Florida, LIVE at the Daily’s Place Amphitheater! This Summer of 2024, the two headlining legends will throw a sky-piercing 20th Anniversary celebration for their respective 2004 albums, with featured support from guest acts Kerry King and Malevolence across all 29 North American city stops. Savor the brutality in Lamb of God’s Ashes of the Wake LP, a Billboard-breaking Gold-certified collection of eleven songs, including “Omerta,” “The Faded Line,” and “Laid to Rest,” festering with groovy death metal melodies. Then comes the downpour of Mastodon’s abyssal Leviathan album, a conceptual prog-metal record steeped in the mysticism of Melville’s Moby-Dick and defined by the GRAMMY Award winners’ classic hits, such as “Iron Tusk,” “I Am Ahab,” and “Blood and Thunder.” This collaboration brings forth the “Ashes of Leviathan Tour,” a nationwide roadshow you shouldn’t miss, so go ahead and claim your tickets now!

Revel in the havoc unbound by Lamb of God and Mastodon as they tread through North America on their “Ashes of Leviathan Tour!” Slated for a rampaging summer season, the two titan's inaugural joint concert series will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their 2004 albums, Ashes of the Wake and Leviathan, throughout 29 cities nationwide, with special opening performances from Kerry King and Malevolence. Bear witness to heavy metal history in the making as they take over the Daily’s Place Amphitheater on the 23rd of July!

Lamb of God. Five-time GRAMMY Award nominees. Winners of five Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. These icons of death, groove, and speed offer a tribute to twenty years ago with a complete performance of their third album, Ashes of the Wake — a Gold-certified Top 30 placer in the weekly Billboard 200. Listen to an unmatched symphony of rage, power, and tradition through its eleven songs, singing of wars and confessions that materialize in haunting hits, such as “Omerta,” “Laid to Rest,” and “Now You've Got Something to Die For.”

Laid to Rest
Now You've Got Something to Die For
The Faded Line
Blood of the Scribe
One Gun
Break You
What I’ve Become
Ashes of the Wake
Remorse Is for the Dead

Mastodon, prog-metal champions of the GRAMMY and Metal Storm Awards, will summon a calamity of great and grave depths with their Leviathan LP, revered by Rolling Stone magazine as one of history’s 50 Greatest Metal Albums. With three 2004 Album of the Year wins from Terrorizer, Revolver, and Kerrang!, this tome of highly conceptual lyricism was celebrated for its reimagination of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick epic. Pay the toll and experience the impact of its hardest hitters, from “Blood and Thunder” to “Iron Tusk” to “Aqua Dementia.”

Blood and Thunder
I Am Ahab
Iron Tusk
Naked Burn
Aqua Dementia
Hearts Alive
Joseph Merrick

Still smoldering from the acclaim of his debut From Hell I Rise solo album, former Slayer lead guitarist Kerry King will rouse a roaring inferno to start the night, showcasing viral hit singles “Idle Hands” and “Diablo.” British metalcore act Malevolence barrels in next with a mean follow-up, drawing from their 2022 Malicious Intent LP and its sludge metal headbangers “On Broken Glass” and “Life Sentence.”

The “Ashes of Leviathan Tour” will find its stage on Tuesday, July 23, 2024, at the Daily’s Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida. Enhanced by an exhilarating ambiance and pitch-perfect acoustics, Lamb of God and Mastodon’s performance will stand out with supernatural detail, entrancing fans into a state of cathartic daze. Buy your tickets today!

Lamb Of God & Mastodon at Daily's Place Amphitheater

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